Raising Your Child Intelligence Quotients

What is intelligence?

“Intelligence is the ability to make finer distinction” Being able to get good grade in school and brand as a genius is not nesscessary a genius in financial intelligence. What it really meant is, when a person is good in learning in the classroom, he or she has a higher academic IQ intelligence.  Whilst, for some learning to play football, tennis or baseball quickly, these groups of people have higher Sports IQ intelligence.

Intelligence is when you can tell the differences between something. Those differences are called ‘distinctions’. The more you can tell the differences, then the more intelligent you are.

“Our school systems puts great importance upon Academic and Scholastic Intelligence. So when someone has a high IQ, they mean a high scholastic or academic IQ. The current IQ test measures primarily a person’sverbal IQ. Their ability to read and write. So techinically, a person with high IQ is someone who learns quickly by reading. It does not measure all of a person’s intelligence. So that IQ is not measure of a person’s artistic IQ, physical IQ or even their mathematical intelligence, which are all legitimate intelligences’s.”

Continuing on, everyone needs to find way to learn things that best suits their learning style. Nevertheless, you still need to learn to read. A person that is Sports Intelligence learn faster by doing rather than reading.

Academic intelligence, in many ways, has a problem in that he can read but cannot do. In some ways, he may find the real world a harder place to adapt than those who have Sports intelligence. If one learned of their inborn talents, all you need to is enhance your weaknesses intelligence. “Often people with high IQ’s do not do well in the real world.” Why is that?  Maybe because educators focus primarily on mental skills.

Schoolbook could never teach us…subjects and skills that are very important for success in the real world. All you need to find a way to make more distinctions faster, so you can learn faster…in a way that works best for you.

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