Are You In The 21st Century?

Are You In The 21st Century?


(Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test)


  • Identify his/her best learning style and charcateristics.
  • Identify his/her inborn talents and weaknesses.
  • Tailor-made your child’s own learning programs.
  • Subject/course selection
  • Reduce time and money wastage over irrelevant course and classes.
  • Develop children’s confidence.
  • Improve the relationship between parents and children.
  • A better childhood for your children.
Over Stressed ... Can This Happened! "EXPLOSION"

Over Stressed ... Can This Happened! "EXPLOSION"

“All parents should be able to identify their children talents and characteristics provided they are full time guardians”.

In the 21st century, most parents have a full time career and most don’t have time for their children. Many will send their children to childcare centers and babysitters. Due to the lack of interaction and relationship among them have lead to many misunderstanding and frustration.

No matter what the consequences, education plays an important role in the progress of an individual’s mind. Education is everything. People are made aware of what is going on in the wide world and can understand these issue and take necessary measures. If people are educated, it is not difficult to find a job – keeping in mind the fact that no job is low. Education tames the astray mind, nurturing its capabilities.

It is your life you are developing. Your life and the lives of your children can achieve greater accomplishments by simple process. Find out each individual student learns most pleasurably and effectively, and let them fly.

In 1983, a researcher and professor at Harvard University named Howard Gardner proposed a new view of intelligence.

Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences


Howard Gardner is the John H. and Elizabeth Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.




More on Howard Gardner Click Here





Intelligence Application Integration

Intelligence Application Integration

Dermatoglyphics test integrate our brain multiple intelligence quotient which allow us to understand the excellency and mastery of our difference intelligences. Discovered of our intelligences earlier in life help us enhance and better stimuli that part of us, for undiscovered intelligence will only be buried because of stop learning.

Dr. Howard Gardner says that our schools and culture focus most of their attention on linguistic and logical – mathematical intelligence. We esteem the highly articulate or logical people of our culture. However, Dr. Gardner says that we should also place equal attention on individuals who show gifts in their intelligences : the artists, architects, musicians, naturalists, designers, dancers, therapists, entrepreneurs and others who enrich the world in which we live.

Unfortunately, many children who have these gifts don’t receive much reinforcement for them in school. Many of these kids, in fact, end up being labeled “learning disabled” “ADD (attention deficit disorder,” or simply underachievers. when their unique ways of thinking and learning aren’t addressed by a heavily linguistic or logical – mathematical classroom.

“The good news is that the theory of multiple intelligence has grabbed the attention of many educators around the world, and hundreds of schools are currently using its philosophy to redesign the way it educates children. The bad news is that there are thousands of schools still out there that teach in the same old dull ways, through dry lectures, boring worksheets and textbooks”.

The challenge is to get this information out to many more parents, teachers, school administrators and others who work with children, so that each child has the opportunity to learn in ways harmonious with their unique minds.

The theory of multiple intelligences also has strong implications for adult learning and development. Many adults find themselves in a jobs that do not make optimal use of their most highly developed intelligences (for example, the highly – kinesthetic individual who is stuck in a linguistic or logical desk – job when he should be much happier in a job where they could move around, such as recreational leader, a forest ranger, or physical therapist). The theory of multiple intelligences gives adults a whole new way to look at their lives, examining potentials that they left behind in their childhood (such as love for art or drama) but now have the opportunity to develop through courses, hobbies, or other programs of self-development.

How to Teach or learn Anything 8 Different Ways

One of the most remarkable features of the theory of multiple intelligences is how it provides eight different potential pathways to learning. If having difficulty reaching a student in the more traditional linguistic or logical ways of instruction, the theory of multiple intelligences suggests several other ways in which the material might be presented to facilitate effective learning.

Whether a student, a kindergarden teacher, a graduate school instructor, or an adult learner seeking better ways of pursuing self – study on any subject of interest, the same basic guidance apply. Whatever you are learning, see how you might connect it with:-

  • words (linguistic intelligence)
  • numbers or logic (logical – mathematical intelligence)
  • pictures (spatial intelligence)
  • music (musical intelligence)
  • self – reflection (intrapersonal intelligence)
  • physical experience (bodily – kinesthetic intelligence)
  • social experience (interpersonal intelligence)
  • experience in the natural world (naturalist intelligence)

For example, if you are learning about law of supply and demand in economics, you might read about it (linguistic), study  mathematical formulas that express it (logical – mathematical), examine a graphic chart that illustrates the principle (spatial), observe the law in the natural world (naturalist) or in the human world of commerce (interpersonal).

You don’t have to learn something in all eight ways, just to see what the possibilities are, and then decide which particular pathways interest you the most, or seem to be the most effective learning tools. The theory of multiple intelligences is so intriguing because it expands our horizon of available learning tools beyond the conventional linguistic and logical methods used in most schools (e.g. lecture, textbooks, writing assignments, formulas, etc.).

Happier And Being The Real YOU

Happier And Being The Real YOU

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