Known Of Your Talent & Intelligence, Stimulate Your Weaknesses & Not Buried Them

Known Of Your Talent & Intelligence, Stimulate Your Weaknesses & Not Buried Them

A Lousy Brain Or An Untrained One?

You often hear people complain that they are not smart as the other people. They say they have a slower brain, a less creative brain or one that just cannot absorb anything.  ‘If i am smarter, i would do a lot better in school’ is one of the most common excuses heard. Well, there are some students are just more intelligent than others. More intelligent students learn faster and produce better results. Fact, your intelligent is your responsibility. And of course,  if you are not intelligent, it is not your fault.

Scientist had discovered that a person’s intelligence can be trained and anyone can become more intelligent.  If you decide today that you want to increase your brain power, your intelligence, your memory and your ability to think, you can!  While i acknowledge that there are some people who are born gifted, most gifted people or geniuses were self-trained!

The Genius Brain

The Genius Brain

Many researches had been done on discovering our innate talents and intelligences. One such discovery, is the study of fingerprints ridges known as Dermatoglyphics. This study of fingerprints had been around since way to back to the year 1788. Universally acknowledge as the Father of ‘Dermatolgyphics’ is none other than Doctor Harold Cummins, M.D. Dermatoglyphics is refers to the branch of science in the study of the patterns of skins (dermal) ridges present on the fingers, toes and the soles of human. Its reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities and talents. With these test of your known talents and intelligences, you can best be translated into education, personal and career success. By knowing these potentials earlier, you make effort to enhance and train your weaknesses so that learning is most pleasurable and effective.



During my present journey with this ‘Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence and Talents Test’,  i came across some students with high intelligences but their education results are so poor and yet some with lower intelligences but they do better at school. 

If You Are Lousy At Something……….Do More Of It

What is the implication? If you are lousy at maths, what should you do? That’s right! You have got to keep doing more and more maths! The reason you are lousy is because you do not have enough neuro-connections to allow you to understand and apply them. By doing more and more, it will become easier and easier! Your brain gets used to it as its creates new connections and thought patterns. The first time you tried ice-skating or roller balding, i bet it seemed really difficult to balance. After a few rounds, it became effortless! Your brain learn to balance.

This sounds really simple. Do more and you get better at something. True. But most students do not follow this basic principle. Ask yourself this, when you are lousy at something like history or maths, do you tend to do a lot more of it or do you do less? I bet the answer will be less. We tend to hate and avoid subjects we are lousy at, giving excuse that they are boring or that we are just not interested in that subject. At the same time, we tend to do more and more of what we are good at like playing computer games. That’s why we get better and better!.

Neuro-Connections Determine Your Intelligence

Neurons Connection

Neurons Connection

If all of us have basically the same number of neurons, than what really sets students apart in terms of intelligence? What make one student smarter than the other? The answer is the number of connections there are between our neurons. These connections are called neuro-connections.

Twenty weeks after conception, (fingerprints ridges forming) our brain’s neurons begin making thousands of connections with one another. These connections determine our range of behaviours and therefore, our intelligence. They are like the ‘thought wires’ in a robot’s brain. If you are good in solving maths problems, you have probably developed very rich neuro-connections that allow you to analyse, process and solve maths problems. However, with these same set of connections, you may not be able to draw very well. Another student may be brilliant at drawing because he has the necessary thought connections that allow him to conceptualise and render the drawings. The more neuro-connections we have, the more intelligent we are in a particular area. Then, the most important question is what affects the number of neuro-connections we have? This is determined by how much you use your brain. Every time you see, hear or do something new or every time you think, your brain gets stimulated. This is when brain starts making more connections, making you more and more intelligent.

It Can Kill Your Brain’s Growth and Buried Your Talents by Saying “I DON”T KNOW!”

Learned Of Your Weaker Intelligence And Start Stimulating Your Neuro-Connections Now!

Learned Of Your Weaker Intelligence And Start Stimulating Your Neuro-Connections Now!


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