Are YOU Weak In This Area Of Intelligence? Find Out By Taking a DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligences Test).

Anyone that is weak in the logical Mathematical Intelligence find difficulties in logic, abstract, inductive and deductive reasoning and numbers. Discovery show that they are less capable in reasoning, recognition, scientific thinking and investigation and the ability to perform complex calculations.

Being lousy in it doesn’t mean you can’t excel in it anymore or that you are born stupid. The DMIT is to determine and confirm of your capability in your area of intelligences instantly. The reason you are lousy is because you do not have enough neuro-connections in your brain for this purpose. Do not waste time testing with all resources then confirm of your weaknesses later on. Remember, we are in the 21st century, everyone is moving in lightning speed. Can you afford to waste time!

Start Collapsing This Limiting Belief

Start Collapsing This Limiting Belief

You can improve in this area of intelligent by collapsing the limit that hold you back. How do you collapse them?  How can you collapse the belief table that have formed within your mind. The answer is to remove the legs that hold the table up! In other words, you have to challenge the evidences that support the limiting belief. Once you remove the legs, the belief will collapse!

Most chose to believe it! They chose to generalize every experience into supporting this belief. Go back and challenge all the “supporting evidence’ that kept reinforcing your belief. The fact that you could not understand multiplication did not mean that you were lousy at math. It could simply mean that you need extra efforts and the right learning mode and correct way to understand. Do you know that DMIT also analyse your learning mode and preference learning style to help you empower your learning capability and skills.

Many parents i came across did the DMIT for their children, but they have no mean to teach their children to enhance their weaknessess because they themselves also believe in their ‘supporting evidence’.  There is also no such thing as lousy math genes, only not enough neuro-connections in your brain for this purpose. To improve you need to do more and more or practise it continually untill you have collapse the supporting evidence within you.

Remove The Legs That Hold The Table up!

Remove The Legs That Hold The Table up!

Help yourself by slowly building up your foundation and confidence. Maybe start from a lower tutorials to higher ones. Slowly but diligently and committed to hang at it untill you have reinforce this new belief in you. DMIT only gave you your life talents and intelligences report at this instant. You saved up time and money, instead of taking the longer journey going through the trial and error to know them.

You have to take the necessary steps to enhance and empower in your capability to excel. DMIT gave you a shorter journey, relaxable & happy learning mode, understanding your characteristics and a confirmation of YOU.

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