Esther Cheang SK

Esther Cheang SK


Creator: Esther Cheang SK

Introduction: I am a mother of three very lovely children. (Look them out in “Testimonies’ page. My daughter being the eldest, is pursuing her degree in Food and Food Science at UMS (University Malaysia Sabah). My eldest son 16 year old (Secondary 4) and youngest of all, also son, is 14 year old (Secondary 2). We live in a small town in Perak that has an infamous clock tower “The Leaning Tower” that is Teluk Intan.

What make me a take up as Genecode Franchisee!

My Uplinecame to my place with few friends one late night, about 11.00pm to introduce me this Genecode company and explain what is Dermatoglyphics, scan my two thumb prints and filled me with my inborn characters. Hmmnn..ok, accurate, acceptable, period! At that moment i too have difficulty handling and dealing with my eldest son. Though i single handedly brought them up, i tend not to understand him as he grows older. That instant,.. ‘datas’ started to flow into my brain, its likes God sent…i have that urgent need to take the test on him..so quickly my thought also go to my 2 other children.

Big problem here!, should i take up the program or just get the test and that’s it! I called my upline, Sally Tan, and told her i need to attend their Module lessons to know more. Dadada..i am in, as FRANCHISEE Practitioner Consultant. Here is my code G202.

So far i have approached, kindergardens, primary schools and close friends to show and explain the beneficial of this dermatoglyphic test.

Everyone that i approached are enthusiast about it, but still are reluctant to pay to take the test. From my point of view, many prefer to look see look see at each other and wait for the trend.

So far i did mostly at well to do families that are very exposed to the outside environment and find its part of life in the 21st century. To know themselves and be less stressful.

I have done the test on all my children and myself, reason only known to me and the need to understand oneself and the other is very important in a relationship. This is really priceless. RM399.00 a report of your life is worth it.

Many i believed are skeptical about the accuracy, of any use to do the test and most said its very expensive. I understand the price a bit steep but its a life report of yourself….the report of your talents, intelligences, characters, learning mode and style, AQ EQ CQ IQ, size of TFRC…and etc. Its all depend on every individual value on themselves. Some spend thousands of dollar just to slim down, go for a holiday, on beauty products…….because these are already the trends.

I am very positive this dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence test were one day become a commited trend. Why? In Taiwan alone above 80% educational centers did this test on their students. Singapore, parents are willing to fork out $1500.00 to do a talents test on DNA of the saliva. Indonesia have their own programs too and been around for sometime.

Finger prints test are around for few decades, and since the 70’s the Russians are using it to select suitable candidates for the Olympic.

American use it to diagnose Down Syndrome. In Germany, doctors use it to diagnose congenital disorders and genetic abnormalities.

What value is stored here!

What value is stored here!

China, scholars use dermatoglyphics to research on minor ethnics intelligences’ level.

There are over 7000 articles and medical reports being published over the medias.

Why Fingerprints?

  • The genetic science of fingerprints.
  • The humans fingerprints form from the 13th to 21st week.
  • Scientists found that fingerprints and human brain’s neocortex develop simultaneously.
  • Finger prints are our genetic traits exposed outside our body.
  • Unusual dermatoglyphic patterns often relate to genetic disorder.

One Response to About

  1. Wargino says:

    Hi Esther,
    My name is Wargino, I’m Indonesian.
    I’m very impressed and interesting to know more about dermatoglyphic bussiness / franchise.

    What should I don then?
    Is it posible to get franchise and do bussiness in Indonesia?
    How much will cost me (initial cost)?
    What wiil I get for initial package?


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