Foods and Food Science undergraduate

Elsie TXY

Elsie TXY

Presently doing her degree in UMS (University Malaysia Sabah)..4yrs
How the test has helped her!
Took DMI test in Dec,2008
She is left Brain Dorminant
AQ EQ CQ IQ ..flare almost equally
Function Allocation: High in Sound, Linguistic, Recognition, Picture and Control.
Learning Sensitivity: ATD 29/34. Very good observational skills, efficient task performing ability and fine movement skills.
A very fast learner and tend to develop the most efficient way of learning and understanding new information.
100% Self-Cognitive learners.
Frontal Lobe: Prefer learning style => Active learner
Learning mode: Auditory
8 Multiple Intelligences:
All rounders A++ only B for Visual/Spatial.
Field and Occupational : Linguistic intelligence, Naturalist observation intelligence, Mathematical Logic intelligence.
How does it help me, as a mother!
All her “Quotients” : She can carries herself well.
Confirmed: She can learn languages fast, efficient and fluent.
Good in Singing, Love beauty.
She hardly read books, and i am surprised she always have good results. Each time i told her if only she study harder her result should be excellent. Frankly, untill her
STPM she hardly hold a book to read. Now understand that she is a fast learner, high observation skill.
Yes, she learns thing fast and sharp.
Why she isn’t good in sport i am surprised! she can hardly can throw a basketball that touches the net or play tennis(trained by coach) well.
Well now i know…her kinesthetic is very low. No wonder previously i always mad at her for being lazy.
Since she is Auditory, she has to pay full attention in all her lectures at her university. She told me she has taken up reading books…yeah! she need to enhance this side of her.
At first i am a little worried over whether her course is suitable or not, now assured, her intelligences is perfect for that field.
Learned and  knowing each other characteristics we tend to be more understanding, supportive, tolerance and our relationship definitely  is better.
Sometimes we do laugh at our weaknesses.
Conclusion: Worth the fees i paid to do this test?
Well it depends, For me .. A life time of understanding is priceless.
Enjoying the village cabbage in Enping, Zhongzhou.

Enjoying the village cabbage in Enping, Zhongzhou.

Ezekiel TYZ

Ezekiel TYZ

Secondary 4
SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz, Teluk Intan, Perak
What is his DMIT like?
Took the test end October 2008
Quantitative Chart: Very high TFRC
Brain Dominant: Left
AQ EQ CQ…good but AQ a little lower
Function Allocation: Highest in Management, Linguistic, Sound and Reasoning.
Learning Sensitivity:  ATD 37/34
Fast learner, efficient performing ability, understanding new information and right brain within normal physiological range, stable and fair in term of observation skill, relatively fast in learning, agile in response and high level of perception.
90% Self-Cognitive learning 10% Affective learning.
Learning mode: Preference Active learning.
Learning Mode: Auditory
8 Multiple Intelligences : All Rounder A++
Analysis: He has a big ‘Ram’ overall quite intelligence.
Auditory:  best study with loud music, no distraction.
ATD: need some enhancement on right brain.
Kinesthetic very low – another lazy guy.
Since he carries lots of whorl patterns, he had goal setting.
Mother points of view!
Understand his intelligences and characteristics help me less stressed.
Helping him to achieved his goal without him giving up. Whorl person tends to lost interest fast when goals achieved. So the need to advice him to stayed focus.
Before this test i always wondered what is in his mind…cause he is more remorse and quiet.
After the test we tend to communicate better because i know how to interact with him and understanding his characteristics helps a lot in our relationship.
He is now more talkative, more sharing and more loving and now he know how to show his caring side.
The Price i paid…..?
For this child of mine, the one thing i need to know is to go into his mind and learn what he think and do is very important to me. After the test,
I don’t get mad at him now…. now we share almost everything, from his school, friends, tuitions and etc.
P.S. This is an open blog, he get to read it too. Thats our understanding level.                                  
Great Grandma Village, China (2008, March)

Great Grandma Village, China (2008, March)


Carefree, relax, enjoying when they are at the village in Enping.

Carefree, relax, enjoying when they are at the village in Enping.

Rickson TSQ

Rickson TSQ

Secondary 2
SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz, Teluk Intan, Perak.
Secondary 2
DMIT : Took the test early November,2008
Quantitative Chart: Not so high because he has many arch patterns with loop and ridge count <4.
Brain Dominant: Right
CQ AQ..good IQ EQ affected by arch patterns.
Function Allocation: Sound; Linguistic; Oberservation/Reading; Recognition/Picture
Learning Sensitivity: ATD above 40
Very slow learner; Suitable step-by-step learning; Progress mastering  methods and cues is steady and gradual. Fine movement skills needs enhancement.
10% self cognitive ; 30% affective; 60% reflective. (Infinite potential)
Frontal Lobe: Preference learning style – Reflective
Learning mode: Auditory
8 Multiple Intelligences:
Music/Rhythmic; Naturalist and Verbal/Linguistic. A++
The other C+
How can this test help him!
For an arch pattern person, the ridges in those fingers are uncountable, therefore he has infinite talents. He needs to work harder than my other two. But once
he acquire the methods he can be above the rest. So therefore his knowledge is excellent one part and the other part the opposite.
His auditory % is so high and kinesthetic is so low…if not given proper guidance he will be like a pig…sleep a lot. Inborn characteric is so accurate that now i know
why he is so punctual. Before that i thought is his discipline.
Since ‘Sound/Music/Rhytmic’ is highest among his multiple intelligence and his learning mode is auditory, therefore is better to put him in a quiet place out of sight
 from everybody and on loud music for him. This kind of secnario best suit him. He is too distracted by ongoing thing around him.
Enjoying his trip back to my mum's village in Enping, China.

Enjoying his trip back to my mum's village in Enping, China.

How i take to his test? :
Well, before the test i thought he didn’t put in enough effort is his studies as i feel how come some subject he can score so high and some goosssh so bad.
Then i start to advise him not to pick subjects to study, i say he need to excel in all subjects to put him through university.
When i sit with him in his revision, i find that he is ok too. But what happen to those subjects that has so low mark.
After the DMI test, i understand that he is a slow learner and need step-by-step methods. If not given him the proper ways and methods to study he will be stranded there untill the solution is found. Once he gets it, everything will be OK.
At this moment when i am typing this testimony, he just sat his March,2009 exam. Helping him to find the methods to study, finally he manage to improve his weaker subjects above 70%. One more subject to go and i think he will be among the top.
On his punctuality, sometime he really pull my nerves, he is so prompt on the dot.  Have to compromise, his inborn character, what to do!
He can be very active if he is focus, Here he took over the duty of our tour coach from China

He can be very active if he is focus, Here he took over the duty of our tour coach from China


Collecting the Vegetables for cooking

Collecting the Vegetables for cooking

Mother to Elsie, Ezekiel and Rickson.
Esther CSK

Esther CSK

Genecode Franchisee and Internet Marketer/Network Marketer
Took the test in October,2008
Quantitative Chart: Not bad
Brain Dorminant: Right
AQ CQ AQ…good EQ… is X (no calculation..infinite bad/good…hmmnnn)
Function Allocation: Highest in Sound; Linguistic; Observation/Reading; Recognition/Picture
Learning Sensitivity: Average
70% self-cognitive 10% affective 20% Reflective learning
Learning Mode: Auditory and Visual…..lazy also kinesthetic low
8 Multiple Intelligences:
Music/Rhymthic; Naturalist A++ Linguistic/Verbal B+ ..haha the rest C+ and two with ‘X’ (Interpersonal/Intrapersonal)
My Test Analysis:
Characteristics fantastic accurate. Simple, Settled, Practical and Stubborn. The latest more like me.
Need to have security, transparent interaction, slow, infinity learning skill, skill and professional. Direct approach to task.
I am indeed good at thing i want and total blank if i don’t like it.
I love nature very much..true to the test i am a Naturalist. Sound/rhythmic i only like music like Kitaro and Cusco but very
sensitive with sound. Indeed true here too.
Well, much have change due to environmental affect, but think back the test accuracy is very high indeed.
What i gained after the test?
I can still improve myself by taking bigger steps ahead.
Self satisfaction, at least i know who am i exactly; PERIOD!
Me and my 3 children in Guilin, China (March 2008)

Me and my 3 children in Guilin, China (March 2008)

(Annoymous: Sorry can’t reveal identity..private and confidential)
Teenager Took The DMI Test To Define His Study Course.  
After getting his SPM results, he can’t decide what subject to pursue to further his education.  
Desperate with the outcome of his results he took this DMIT to determine  his inborn talents and intelligences. 
And this is his test analysis:-  
His TFRC is 147.50 (80-140 within normal range), left brain person, high interpersonal  and intrapersonal intelligences.  
Rational thinker, Good Planner and Coordinating. Have self achievement motive; Controlling and executing behaviour. 
High in Logical reasoning; Computation Process, Conceptual Understanding, Numeric, Grammar and linguistic.   
Have high talents in Leadership; Creativity, Goal visualization, Determination, Self esteem and Intuition.  
Lowest is his Visualization; Visual Appreciation, Art, Aesthetic Sense. 
Suggestion Subjects:-  
Business management, information management, industry management, marketing, recreation management, hotel management;  International business,  economic,
financial treasury management, financial, accounting, insurance;  Philology, counseling, society, social education, life science application…   
…to be continue  


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