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Malaysia's Population is about 27,000,000 (27millions)

Malaysia's Population is about 27,000,000 (27millions)

Malaysia has a population of about 27 millions people, out of this, there are about 6,500,000 (6.5 millions) are children below 15 years old.
Year in year out, education are widely published and the tussle over the entries to public universities and jobs applications are our ever ending journey. Everyone knows the need to have an education to success, or should i said Education Is The Shortcut To Success.
 Due to our circumstances and our educational system exist here, there are need to excel and obtained good grades in order to qualify a place at our public universities let alone of getting a full scholarship. Analysis states that, an average family spend on tuition fees per month is about RM300.00 (include extra lesson like music, art, sports and etc…)
Nonetheless, our education sector  has projected a RM20 Billions market opportunity for whoever want a piece of the pie.
The Trend Just Landed On Malaysian Shore

The Trend Just Landed On Malaysian Shore

The waves are roaring on our Malaysian shore now, Genecode Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) 
is the GOLDEN opportunity awaits you.
Parents are flocking to endless educational centers to get their children to learn whatever they think 
can make them a genius.
Sad thing here is that the poor child and not forgetting the parents too are exhausted because of this educational demand.
Not knowing of their child talents potential and intelligences, most children are over stressed on unnecessary learning skills
and many take the exit because they no longer interested in it. Now both the child and parents feel devastated, disappointed
and tensions arise. Neither the child nor the parents feel overjoyed here, time spent, money diminished, how much knowledge they gained! yes, a question mark (?)! Frankly, i sent my 3 children to music lesson for almost 3 years each, now my guitar, keyboard..books are collecting dust at one corner of my living room. I still haven’t give up..getting them other learning skills… These are all the present parents trends.
Here, Genecode DMIT  a  revolutionary system to help individual identify their innate (inborn) talents.
A Scientific Biometric Based Assessment Program which has 90% accuracy that identifies the most prevalent human intrinsic potential
with the theory of human generic inheritance. Through decades of research, scientists find that our fingerprints implicit the simultaneously
of development between our fingerprints and human brains neocortex.
The system introduces 4 dominant personality type, 5 Learning Style and 8 Multiple Intelligences, 10 Intrinsic potential
of Brain and Learning Sensitivity Index. With thousands of possible combinations, it reveals how they can best be translated into
education, personal and careers success.
Who are our targeted customers!
Tuition Centres, Schools, Educational centres, Universities…..
These are our potential customers.
What kind of a business MODEL available at GeneCode!
1. Professional Consultation
2. Franchise Business
3. Franchise Licence Resell.
With the downturn of the economy, many are fearing of losing their jobs.
Are we heading for a recession?
Yes, we can still see many are still enjoying this prosperous time, but we do not know when the economy is picking up…how long this situation were to stay.
Genecode Dermatoglyphic Multiple intelligence Test
 2 cases X RM250.00 = RM500.00/day
6 days X RM500.00 = RM3,000/week
4 x RM3,000 = RM12,000/month
Annual Income RM144,000
Just Like You and Your downlines Franchisors

Just Like You and Your downlines Franchisers

As a Franchiser : Setup Franchise Profits
Recruit new franchisees = Open new branches with zero capital

Recruit new franchisees = Open new branches with zero capital

1 recruit = RM1200.00 Bonus
Referral Bonus: RM100 – RM200
Royalty Sharing Profits
  • Every 20 reports done by your franchisee will entitle you a royalty of: RM400 ->RM200 -> RM100
  • Can be accumulated, no quota.
  • No time pressure, guaranteed.

               Franchise Licence Resell Profits

  • Malaysia: Limited  3000 franchise licenses available.
  • 2008 milestone : 280 franchisees (2720 licenses existing)
  • 10% increment/100 licenses. BUY LOW SELL HIGH



  • Zero FREE Training
  • Zero Competitiveness in Market
  • Zero Capital Business Program
  • Zero Risk/Capital Guranteed.

Venturing to the 21st Century’s Best Opportunity

Your coach: Esther Cheang SK

h/p: 012-5161923

email me :



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2 Responses to Business Opportunity

  1. Marcus Leng says:

    Wow! sound interesting. can I know how to do the business? 🙂

    • Thank you Marcuz for stopping by on my blog.

      Great that you have found my business interesting.

      I jump-started my business by aligning with other people’s buzzing education problems(this is a large event, initiated by the demand and know how, who already stressing themselves,and sharing informations and opportunity that resonates with people in my target audience).

      Of course, I wasn’t just doing it because there was a buzz, I did it when I saw I could contribute value in some way to the “other person’s”

      If you do what I describe here (leverage a buzz and provide real value), you’ve got a ringer.

      I’d share my content, talk about it, and then add my own two cents to it where I could.

      Give me a call and make an appointment, so that we can discuss into the details.
      I came be reached at 012-5161923

      “Don’t wait until the height of the buzz to start taking action to ride a wave. Now is the time to wax your surf board… not when the surf’s up!”

      Gotta run! Waxing my surf board 😉

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